OzCharge Capacitor & Battery-less Jump Starter


The OzCharge Kanga is the future of Jump-Starters. Utilising supercapacitor technology this device contains no batteries.



Start your vehicle using your vehicle's own flat battery

No more recharging your jumpstarter

No more faulty lithium batteries

No more problems

No more jumper leads




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Welcome to Oz Charge Australia

Oz Charge is one of Australia’s leading battery charger specialists priding itself on quality and durability. We understand how heavily consumers rely on their battery applications. Our battery chargers give you peace of mind knowing that your batteries will always be correctly charged and maintained to ensure they never let you down even in the toughest of conditions. Our battery chargers are made to withstand the most extreme of conditions. Where most battery chargers would fail, Oz Charge keeps going.

Our latest unique 9-Stage charging process available on most models allows for seamless performance and true reliability. The smart 9-Stage process first determines the battery’s condition to determine whether the rejuvenation stage or charge cycle is required. The rejuvenation stage for batteries in poor condition will break down sulphation using a patented high frequency pulse. Upon completion of the rejuvenation mode the charger then engages the ‘soft start’ stage where the battery is gradually charged up to a selected voltage constantly analysing the battery condition to ensure the battery isn’t compromised by charging the battery too rapidly. The charger then runs through the remaining stages altering current and voltage at each stage accordingly to maximise the battery life and avoid overcharging. The intelligent chargers will monitor the battery voltage and will maintain it at peak performance with a special pulse charge during long-term maintenance. This feature allows you to leave your battery charger connected all year round without the fear of ever damaging the battery.

If you require a battery charger that won’t leave you stranded, a system built to last and perform in all conditions, you need an Oz Charge.

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