12V 0.8A Battery Charger and Maintainer Lithium Pro Series
12V 0.8A Battery Charger and Maintainer Lithium Pro Series

12V 0.8A Battery Charger and Maintainer Lithium Pro Series

  • OC-PRO80L

The PRO80L battery charger is perfect for charging batteries found in smaller vehicles such as jetskis, motorcycles and garden equipment. The PRO80L can also be used to maintain batteries up to 80Ah making it ideal for maintaining vehicles that spend extended amounts of time without being driven including classic cars, motorcycles and boats.. 

  • 7-Stage Battery Charging.
  • Boost battery performance and increase the life of your batteries.
  • Charges 12V batteries from 2Ah-20Ah
  • Maintenance (trickle) charging up to 80Ah for longer life batteries
  • 5 year warranty
  • Life time support

    The PRO80L Battery Charger and Maintainer (Trickle Charger) is designed to charge AGM, Calcium SMF, EFB, GEL, WET & Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries. from 2Ah to 20Ah. The charger can also be used to maintain batteries up to 80Ah. The PRO80L battery charger and maintainer utilises state of the art patented 8 stage technology for charging smaller batteries including motorbikes, jet skis, ATVs and garden equipment. 

  •  OzCharge Pro80L Lithium 0.8A Battery Charger and maintainer


    Features OC-PRO80L 12V 12Volt Battery Charger Output Leads

    Battery Charging vs. Battery Maintenance

    What's the difference between the two and which battery charger suit your requirements best? Firstly you need to determine whether you need to recharge a flat battery entirely or just keep a battery at full charge.

    Battery charging is when you are requiring to recharge a flat or dead battery to full. Battery maintenance on the other hand is when you just want to keep a battery topped up. For instance, if you're storing a classic car that you only drive a few times a month but want to ensure it's ready to go on a sunny afternoon you would require battery maintenance as opposed to battery charging. This is often referred to as trickle charging a battery. All OzCharge battery chargers perform both functions, and understanding each charger's limits is important. The PRO80L is designed for charging smaller applications such as motorcycles, jetskis ATVs, or any lawn and garden equipment. 



    Input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption (max): 0.25 / 0.15A (14W)
    Output: 12V DC / 0.8A (800mA)
    Charge Voltage: 14.4V DC
    Float Trickle Voltage: 13.6V DC (Lead-Acid battery Selection only)
    Start Voltage: 2V DC
    Suitable for:


    Lithium (LifePO4)

    Ideal for Charging:
    2Ah - 20Ah (150CC)
    Ideal for Maintaining: 2Ah - 80Ah (600CCA)
    Input Cord Length: n/a - 2 PIN AU Plug Pack
    Output Cord Length: 1.2m with SAE 2 Pin Connector
    Charging Lead Length: 60cm - Integrated Crocodile Clip / Ring Terminal Harness
    Dimensions: 114mm x 56mm x 35mm
    Weight: 0.35kg
    Operating Temperature: -15 to 50° C
    Storage Temperature: -25 to 85° C
    What's Included?: 1 x PRO80L Charger
    1 x Crocodile Clip w/integrated Ring Terminals Harness
    1 x Owner's Manual


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