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6/12 Volt 1 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

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OC-61201 6 /12 Volt 1AMP Charger & Maintainer

The OzCharge OC-61201 1Amp Selectable 6V/12V Battery Charger and Maintainer (Trickle Charger) is designed for charging lead-acid sealed batteries (AGM, Gel, SMF & Wet) from 1Ah to 20Ah. The charger can also be used to maintain batteries up to 100Ah. 

The OC-61201 battery charger & maintainer is the perfect charger to keep lead acid batteries in prime condition. The intelligent integrated charging circuit in this charger is designed for permanent connection to your battery, it senses when your battery is charged and it will maintain your battery in prime condition for when you need it. The small current and intelligent charging circuit will help you to maintain your lead acid battery in excellent condition and to get the maximum life out of it.

6V and 12V Charging

Designed to charge and maintain 6V and 12V conventional lead acid batteries, the OC-61201 incorporates a battery voltage selection switch, which allows the user to select between two voltage outputs. Be sure you select the 12V setting when charging a 12 volt battery, and the 6V setting when charging a 6 volt battery.

Crocodile Clips + Ring Terminal 

The charger comes standard with a fly lead and 2 different kinds of connectors, crocodile clips and a ring terminal type. The ring type is perfect for permanent connection to your battery. You can connect the lead to the battery and tuck the lead away while you are using your vehicle and when you return to the garage simply plug the lead into the charger.


• 6V / 12V Switchable (1A Charging Power)
• Fully Charges Battery Automatically 
• Maintains Full Charge Indefinitely 
• Includes 2 Quick Connect harnesses - (Ring Terminals and Crocodile Clips.)
• Designed to Prevent Overcharging your Battery 
• 2 Years Warranty

* Ideal for Charging & Maintaining Motorcycles & Watercraft Batteries.
** Ideal for maintaining batteries which are not used very often. 

Battery Charging vs. Battery Maintenance

What's the difference between the two and which battery charger suit your requirements best? Firstly you need to determine whether you need to recharge a flat battery entirely or just keep a battery at full charge.

Battery charging is when you are requiring to recharge a flat or dead battery to full. Battery maintenance on the other hand is when you just want to keep a battery topped up. For instance, if you're storing a classic car that you only drive a few times a month but want to ensure it's ready to go on a sunny afternoon you would require battery maintenance as opposed to battery charging. This is often referred to as trickle charging a battery. All OzCharge battery chargers perform both functions, and understanding each charger's limits is important. The 61201 is designed for charging smaller applications such as motorcycles and other small batteries. However, the 61201 is also a perfect battery maintainer (or trickle charger) for a car, boat, or buggy.



6/12 Volt 1 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer

6/12 Volt 1 Amp Battery Charger and Maintainer
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