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Oz Charge 12 Volt / 120 Amp Grunt Series Workshop Battery Charger, Maintainer & Power Supply

Model: OC-W12120P

Price ($AUD): $2,499.00


The Oz Charge OC-W12120P is a high-quality microprocessor controlled battery charger and maintainer for workshop and service applications.
It also contains a power supply mode for when the battery is removed from the vehicle.
Perfect for preventing voltage drop while programming and updating vehicles ECU’s. Includes extra long and heavy duty 3 metre output leads.


Automatic smart battery charger & maintainer.

12V 100A Power supply mode.

Fully microprocessor controlled with safety timers at every stage.

Selectable Battery Type.

Multi Stage:
1 - Bulk charging
2 - Absorption charging
3 - Equalisation charging
4 - Float mode

For further information regarding this product, please download the Owners Manual using the link below.

* Product Specifications subject to change without notice.

Manuals / Specifications

Brochure (OC-W12120P_Brochure_D88.pdf, 671 Kb) [Download]

Owners Manual (FINAL_OC-W12120P_OC-W122470P_Manual_V1_0_5Aug2016.pdf, 6,380 Kb) [Download]


  • C-Tick C-Tick
  • 4 4
  • Fan Cooled Fan Cooled
  • IP21 IP21
  • Wall Mountable Wall Mountable
  • Boat Boat
  • Camper Trailer Camper Trailer
  • Car Car
  • Golf Buggy Golf Buggy
  • Motor Home / Caravan / RV Motor Home / Caravan / RV
  • Truck Truck
  • Watercraft Watercraft
  • Crocodile Clips Harness Crocodile Clips Harness
  • <1000Ah <1000Ah
  • Calcium Calcium
  • Gel Gel
  • Lead-Acid (Sealed/Wet/AGM/EFB) Lead-Acid (Sealed/Wet/AGM/EFB)
  • 2 Years 2 Years
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