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OzCharge - 12 Volt 500 Amp Capacitor Jump Starter

Model: OC-KANGA 12-500

Price ($AUD): $299.00


The RescueMate KANGA-500 Capacitor Jump Starter by OzCharge is the most advanced, most reliable Jump Starter on the market.

It won’t charge your phone, but it will jumpstart your car.
Lithium jump-starters are more commonly used as a powerbank to charge the user’s devices rather than starting their cars. But what use is a jump-starter if it’s flat when you really need it?

No need to recharge.
Capacitor jump-starters charge up from your own flat battery when you require them. It only takes 90 seconds to charge the device.

Store and forget.
With a capacitor jump-starter you can leave the device in your vehicle for 10 years and you’re back on your way within 90 seconds.

Safe and easy to use
With an easy to read LCD Display and just one button it makes the device extremely easy to use. Reverse Polarity Protection & Spark-proof technology allows every user to feel safe using the device.

Multiple ways to charge the device
If in the worst-case scenario, the vehicle’s battery contains less than 3 Volts required; the jump starter can be charged from any:
• USB charging port via the 5V input, such as USB mobile phones charger, computers, power banks
• A vehicle’s on-board 12v power outlet
• Another vehicle’s battery

Charging times:
Charging off a vehicle’s flat battery: 90 Seconds
Charging off 12V DC input: 3 minutes
Charging off 5V USB Powerbank: 25 minutes

• Heavy Duty Clamps
• Durable Housing
• Intelligent LCD Display
• 4 ways to fast-charge the device
• 12V 500AMP Jump start (Petrol + Gas engines up to 5L & Diesel up to 3L**)

Package includes:
• Kanga-500 Amp Super Capacitor Jump Starter
• USB Charging Cable
• Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable
• Carry Bag
• Warranty: 3 Years

PATENTED: AU 2016102104 | Patent Pending: US 62/377,715

** This device may not work on all Diesel vehicles due to longer cranking times required to start Diesel engines and the amount of power required to heat up the glow plugs on older vehicles. Recommended size; 3L or less.

Manuals / Specifications

Brochure (Rescue_Mate_Series_RM_500_1000_AU.pdf, 1,604 Kb) [Download]

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